Vintage 1920′s 3 Drawer Dresser – Original Glass Knobs…Breath Taking!!

Vintage 1920′s 3 Drawer Dresser – Original Glass Knobs…Breath Taking!!


   WOW! Is all I can say! I have a vintage early 1920′s, 3 drawer dresser that is absolutely breath taking! This piece has been revived and brought back to life as it was just begging for it to become beautiful again! She has 2 drawers on top and one large one on the bottom. Each drawer has the original key hole for a skeleton key. The top is a beautiful dark walnut with the drawer faces, side panels and back panel being a absolutely stunning sky blue or a Robin’s egg blue! The other color is white and that is original to this piece.


   Each drawer has its original 1920′s or earlier glass knobs. They have a screw that passes through the entire knob and are absolutely stunning! The drawer faces, side panels and back panel were distressed to match the original white and it is so beautiful! This beauty stands just over 2′ high about about 3.5′ wide. This beauty would be perfect in a foyer, in a hall way or in that special place! 

  This piece had a lot of love that needed to go back into it! We added drawer stoppers behind each drawer and nailed it all back together! Now…each drawer stops at the edge and the face meets up with the outside edge! Whoohoo!

  It was falling apart at the seams and we had to be very careful nailed her back together due to she wasn’t taken care of all these years and the wood is starting to split! Ackckc!

  Every inch was sanded down, although not too much on the original white! Each drawer was sanded down and smoothed with 220 grit sand paper and painted with a Robin’s Egg blue. After the paint dried, it was sanded down with a 120 grit sand paper on the blue drawers to match the original distressing of the white.

Next, the top was stained heavily with a dark walnut to match the color underneath the white and blue. This piece was made with original walnut wood! After adding the 3rd coat and drying completely, I used a acrylic polyurethane on the top and put 5 coats!

  After all was said and done, her original 1920’s or earlier glass knobs were put back on the give her final finishing touch of revival! She came out ABSOLUTELY STUNNING and I am so in LOVE with her!!! This piece was definitely JUNKY when I got her and now she is FUNKYlicious!!! She is Shabby…she is chic…she is HAWT!!!

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