Pretty in Pink 1930’s Waterfall Vanity! Beautiful!!!

Pretty in Pink 1930’s Waterfall Vanity! Beautiful!!!

   Do you like Waterfall vanities? I do! I love the sleek curves and all of the different styles of the Waterfall vanities! With this little pinkie, unfortunately I didn’t get any before pics, but boy do I have afters! She came out beautiful! Unfortunately, she didn’t have the stool or mirror with her, so I turned the vanity into more or less a desk…but it’s still a vanity! LOL!

  She wasn’t in too bad of shape believe it or not…which is always nice, but she still kept me on my toes! Whew! I first started with a sanding with a 220 grit sand paper just to give her an overall fine smoothing. She did have a few gouges, nicks rather out of a few of the drawers, so we had to fill that in with some wood putty hardener!

  Then, I proceeded on with picking out just the right color for her! Something soothing, something sweet and it came along in a petite way of a very light and very pleasing pink! Very light pink! I didn’t want to have this beauty overpowered by the color pink! (Pink is my color…even my hair is pink! *WINK!*)  I always go to Home Depot (they know me there!) and get my paint! I always get the Behr Ultra Paint, the paint and primer in one! I like how much easier it really is to paint something, especially furniture! The color is: Sweet Nothing! Pretty, pretty, pretty!!! 

Next, it was painting time! So, I put a great big huge tarp in my kitchen and off I go! This paint is odorless, or at least I don’t notice a smell!  I gave her 2 coats of “Sweet Nothing” and put a fan on her overnight. Then, I gave her another coat slowly and smoothly! She is taking shape and looking sweet!!!

   It’s nice to paint the inside of drawers for a clean finish look! Although, you never want to paint the sides of the drawers on the outside or the bottom of the drawer!  The drawers must be kept clear of paint so the drawers won’t stick! For a piece that does stick, use wax or bar soap on the outside of the drawers for a good slide! It’s just a little trick I learned!

  After she is all prettied up, it’s time to do some glazing! I used a color called Black Suede to add to the glaze.The BEHR Premium Plus With the Black Suede Style 1 qt.   Satin Faux Glaze is designed to be blended with BEHR Premium Plus interior paints and applied using a foam brush. The glaze extends a paint’s open time to help create dynamic finishes for all of your furniture refinishing needs!

  I used a new, empty 1 qt. paint can to mix my faux glaze. I mixed one part black and 3-4 parts glaze. I have a pail of warm water ready with several different soft rags. ( I cut up an old soft cotton t-shirt.) I used a foam brush for my application! Make sure you have a wet rag ready to go and a dry one for continuous wiping. Apply your glaze mixture to your piece that you are working in and ensure that you get it in the cracks. Wait a minute then quickly wipe off. Do a small area at one time.

  If you are working on a light colored background as I am, you want to work quickly as the black on a very light color stains! If you don’t get it quickly, you will have to add a few brush strokes of your light color! Make sure your water is always fresh and not dirty….so in other words….continuously change it along with clean, soft rags…dry and wet! This is so, so important…I can’t even tell ya!

  I love the effects the glaze gave! It’s something you want to put in between cracks, in corners, etc. to give the shadow effect or depth. It also helps it look distressed in areas that you cannot distress! Don’t worry about perfection at all! Even though I am a perfectionist, this is something that just doesn’t require it!  Some areas will be more heavily glazed than others! Don’t panic! This is just fine and makes for an interesting finish! The glaze will really look nice when it settles into those cracks, corners, and gouges that you didn’t fix…on purpose! Fun, fun, fun!!!

  Next,  I went to town and distressed her…all over! When I do any type of distressing on any of my furniture pieces, I use the Dremel Multi-Max Oscillating Tool! I use a sand paper of 120 grit! This makes my distressing time go down by many hours of hand sanding down to minutes! If the paint is very thick or if there is a sealer of primer under the paint, then I use a 60-80 grit sand paper. This make my life easier!

  The most important thing to know about using this tool is to be comfortable with it and know how to use it the way you want to get the best performance!! Make sure you get the right type of sand paper that fits the Dremel tool! I use the Dremel brand that way I ensure that it will stick to the sander part! I can’t stress this enough as I’ve been down the road of the off brands and they just don’t stick like the Dremel sand papers.

After I distressed this vanity, I then did 2 coats of a Polycrylic by MinWax. This is an absolutely clear polycrylic that will seal your paint and protect the finish. It provides a durable protection against abrasions, scuffing, chipping, water damage, alcohol and household chemicals to maintain a pristine appearance! I used the satin finish and applied it with a foam brush. I waited a few hours in between each coat. I applied the polycrylic thinly and evenly!

  After distressing her, I wiped her down really good to get all and any dust particles off and look to see if I have missed any spots! There isn’t a right or wrong way of distressing, it’s what you like! I then put the knobs on! WOW!!! This made her pop and made her much more feminine! I was so in love with her as this is the final touch that was added!

The four drawers, two on each side, I added larger clear, glass knobs that have a pretty flower petal design and in the middle drawer I added a pink one of the same design. I got the knobs at Hobby Lobby, my home away from home! LOL! The size of the knobs are: 1 1/2″ x 1 1/4″ I am so in love with this “pretty in pink” vanity! It turned out to be a beauty!

I couldn’t be more proud of this 1930’s waterfall vanity! She wasn’t challenging, which is nice, she just took a little bit of time to make sure she was done to my satisfaction! She is now up for sale in the antique store that I sell out of! She is definitely something to look at! Unfortunately, I don’t have any room in my house otherwise I would be keeping her! *Sigh!* *WINK!*

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