1960’s Country Yellow & Antique White Lingerie Dresser…Country & Primitive! And…Definitely Adorable!!!

1960’s Country Yellow & Antique White Lingerie Dresser…Country & Primitive! And…Definitely Adorable!!!

  This little baby was a mess from the start! *SIGH!* She challenged me and I took on the challenge! She threw in every curve ball that she could…but…guess what? I won!!!

  She had drawers that were falling apart, a few of her feet were severely wobbly, had 11 thick coats of semi-gloss paint on her, a corner of a drawer is broken off, the very top was split and had a huge gap of 1/8″ to 1/4″ from the middle to the left edge! The top was so gouged that I just didn’t think she could be saved! And….to top it off…her knobs were so thick with paint that I had an extremely hard time getting them off!!!

  I seriously thought that I was going to break the knobs in half while trying to pry them off of the drawer face. I was really trying to be careful as they are the original wooden knobs! *SIGH!*

  So, after all of this, I wondered why I picked her up in the first place…but I could see the potential and beauty she could have! Honestly, when I did buy her…I didn’t see all of the issues until I got her ready to go to work! Oh boy, to say that she was a challenge is an understatement! This is one that about kicked my booty! Whew! So….you ready to get into this baby? Cuz…here we go!!!!

  So, we put the drawers back together, I nailed the feet back into the bottom and then it started to get kinda rough! Sanding and more sanding is what took the most time! It literally had 11 coats of semi-gloss paint and they were thick, thick coats! It had blue, cream, green, grey, white, yellow, cream, green, white, brown and green…again! Yes, the colors were repeated over and over!

  Before the sanding we used a paint stripper that took off only a few coats. It wouldn’t touch hardly anything due to how old the paint is and how thick is was! I’ve never seen anything like it in my life…well until now!!! The sanding went on forever and ever and then forever again after the stripper was removed! It never stopped! Then, when we decided to stop, we sanded some more!  Top of Lingerie Dresser!

  After the whole dresser got sanded again… it was apparent that the original color was a very bright green. It was literally stained into the wood and no matter how much I sanded it, it was determined that it will never come out…so we had to give in to the green! Ughgh!

  We then filled the cracks, gaps, gouges and the split gaps on the top by adding a Minwax Stainable Wood Filler.

  This Minwax Stainable Wood Filler is great for fixing imperfections in vintage and antique furniture and that is what I used on the top. It’s sandable, paintable, shrink resistant, and the drying time ranges from 2 to 6 hours depending on size of area filled! It has saved me several times so far and is a wonderful product to use! I swear by it!

  I added this everywhere on top, although the top was so abused that I could only fix so much. The large gap was filled in and that came out terrific along with many of the gouges, but not everything was able to be fixed! So, I say it’s perfect the way it is…it’s from the 1960’s and some things are meant not to be perfect!

  After I let that dry, I sanded the whole piece down just to get rid of any splinters, dents, and imperfections that I see…and that meant the whole top! It also makes it easier when I sand for everything to be smooth and equal! So, depending on the roughness is how I decide what grit of sandpaper I use. For this dresser, I used a 120 grit and came back and went over her with a very fine 220 grit to give her extreme smoothness, although, like I said…there are imperfections on the top…there just wasn’t any way to get around it no matter how much I tried to fill in the gouges!

  So, after everything was sanded down again…and nails were hammered, drawers were fixed, feet were back in place and everything that could be fixed to bring her up to par, it was time to paint! Whoohoo!!! I knew I wanted this little one to be a 2 tone and I went with a country yellow called “Charismatic” and an antique white called “Muslim White.” The yellow is a flat country yellow. It’s a very primitive color and very pretty in person! I used the Behr Ultra Primer-in-One Paint. I love this stuff!

  The white is an eggshell, not a flat. Eggshell is in between a flat and a satin. It has just a hint of a sheen to it, not much. It is the Behr Ultra. This white is more of an antique white. It is perfect to go with this yellow and the colors came out great together! I am really pleased with how charming it really does look! I was expecting for this not to look so good due to how many problems I had so far!

  So, I taped up the parts that I wanted the Muslim White and went to town painting the yellow first! I gave her 2 coats with the yellow due to how many imperfections there are all over her! I let her dry for a day and then re-taped for the white. I painted the outside edges white along with the original large wooden knobs! I did 2 coats of the white and let her dry for another full day before pulling off the tape!

  I then started to distress her. Since she had lines that were hard to determine, I had to create some and go from there. I had to distress some of the gouges to make them fit in. When I distress any of the furniture I work on, I use the Dremel Multi-Max Oscillating Tool! 

  I use a sand paper of 60 to a 120 grit! For this particular piece, I used a 100 grit because this dresser has been sanded so much. As I started to distress, the green that was stained into the wood from the very first original color green was showing through.

  I kept going, liking what I was seeing with the green. I thought the green was going to be a pain in the rear, but it was country and primitive in this lil’ 60’s baby! Really loving what’s happening…I distress into the gouges on the drawers and it really brings it to life!

   I kept going, distressing the edges of all the lines and in the gouges that were most noticeable. The more I distressed the more I’m in love with this little girl that gave me such a hard time!!! I distressed her a bit heavier due to how this dresser has so many imperfections! I really didn’t have a choice. If I didn’t then it would of looked like I was trying to hide something that was heavily there! Although, it looks great!

   I distressed the knobs and they look great! I was really, really, really happy with how this lingerie dresser was turning out and being distressed!

   I put her all together and ooooh my goodness!!! I was so….in love! All the hard work and feelings of her trying to defeat me was all forgotten and it was an “awwww moment!” I couldn’t believe what I was seeing!

  Unfortunately, these pics don’t show its justice or how adorable she really came out! With all the hard work in her and how much that went into this lingerie dresser I never honestly thought she would of come out looking so sweet! I wanted to give up on her after the full week of sanding every day, but I prevailed and I’m so happy I did!

  I actually gave it some thought of keeping her as I adore the colors and how cute she is! The only problem is…I just don’t know where to put her…otherwise she would stay! So, I took her down to the antique store I sell at and she looks adorable! This is one that definitely deserves the term…junky to funky…to a definite FUNKYlicious!!! CUTE!!! CUTE!!! CUTE!!!

*NOTE* This piece is why I love to revive old vintage furniture! She literally came back to life! :0)

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