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Vintage 1961 Dresser Goes From Drab to Fab!

Vintage 1961 Dresser Goes From Drab to Fab!

   So, I found this ‘lil 1961 dresser that needed some serious TLC..ok…not SERIOUS…but definitely some TLC! It wasn’t that she was falling apart or had a horrible paint job, she just needed some reviving, color and some love! There wasn’t too much wrong with her except that there were a few deep gouges that I filled in! This is a first that I actually find a piece where I can almost dig in as I love finding the pieces of vintage furniture that are broken down and not wanted!

   I filled in the serious gouges with Minwax High-Performance Wood Filler. It bonds strongly to wood. It fills gouges and holes that are split, damaged or rotted! This is great for interior wood  furniture! It dries in 30 minutes and sandable after 30 minutes! It works miracles for me!!!

  After I re-sanded the dresser with the wood filler, I used a 220 grit sand paper. It was time to get to work! I started to give her color of the beautiful Robin’s Egg Blue! I love the Behr Ultra paint! This color blue is very, very pretty and it will be one that I continue to use!!! The original color name is “Clear Pond.”

  I did only one coat on her as that is all she needed! I let her dry over night to ensure life will be good when I started to distress her the next day!

  So, I took my Makita Palm Sander and used a 220 grit sand paper and took my time going over every inch of her. Distressing the corners, edges, middle, knobs, drawers, sides and wherever you can think of! 

  After, I wiped down the dresser and drawers from any type of dust from sanding, I started to stain! This stain is beautiful and I’m loving what it is doing! It is a wiping stain with a charcoal oil base. It is absolutely wonderful to work with! The color is Brazil Nut by Sherwin-Williams.

   I use a 4″ Benjamin Moore Natural Acrylic and Oil Stain Brush. I adore this brush! It is a very smooth brush and makes the application so easy as it glides effortlessly!

  After I brush the stain on the top of the dresser, I wait a few minutes and wipe it off. I do this all over the dresser and knobs and I do this procedure 4 times.

  WOW! Is all I can say!!! I am so in love!!! I can’t believe my eyes!!! I just adore how this stain took hold of the bare wood and thinner paint areas and filled it in with the dark chocolate color stain.Can you say…STUNNING?! I let that dry over night.

   Next, I added 4 thick coats of a satin Polycrylic with a little bit of time in between each coat to dry. I applied the Polycrylic on every inch of this beauty along with the knobs. This little dresser just keeps getting better! The Minwax Polycrylic Clear Satin that is a protective finish that is designed for indoor applications. The finish is a satin sheen for artistic appeal and can be cleaned up easily with soap and water. It is a water-based formula that dries to the touch in just 2 hours! Again, I wait another day to ensure that she is fully dry.

  I add the knobs and that’s it! My world as I knew it just got better! It’s a piece of art that I’m in love with!!! (Didn’t I already say that? Just making it clear! LOL!) This baby turned out shabby, chic,  primitive and honestly beautiful!!! I cannot believe how this dresser came together and it was so easy to do…just a bit time consuming due to the drying times in between the paint, stain and Polycrylic…but boy was it worth it!

  I wish you could see this in person as every picture I have just doesn’t show the detail of how the stain took hold and how awesome it came out! It shines very nicely! Not too, too much like a high gloss, but just right! I’m impressed with how this little baby went from DRAB to FAB to a definite FUNKYlicious!!!

  This is a pic below of the dresser top! YEA BABY!!! I can’t wait to get her into the antique store I sell out of and see how quickly she goes! I know it won’t take long!!!