Hello! My name is Leah and I reside in the Eastern part of Washington State! I deal in antiques and vintage charm and sell in a local popular antique store!

  My passion is vintage furniture! I revive vintage scraps and repurpose vintage remains to bring you what was once cool, hip, trendy, groovy, swanky, fab and funky!

  I like to try new ways of painting, glazing, staining, distressing, waxing, using polycrylics, polyurethanes, and other types of finishings!

  I love to get new ideas and advice along with giving and getting advice on doing new stuff! My thing is distressed furniture and different types of techniques!

With this passion, I find that I enjoy the furniture part more so than the selling vintage dish towels and pink Depression glass. Every weekend I’m out at yard sales, estate sales, etc. looking for vintage and antique furniture that needs tlc. I see potential in a broken down piece of antique and vintage furniture and I love the challenge of what it takes for it come full circle.

  I’ve taught myself how to revive and restyle vintage and antique furniture. I find that each piece brings me passion and a craving to do more. I’ve learned how to work with power tools on my own as before I had no idea. I now revive antique and vintage furniture. I’ve taught myself many different techniques on painted and distressed furniture and continuously crave different concepts and skills.

  I look for pieces of furniture that need to be hammered back together, missing this or that, have gouges in them, needs to be severely sanded, etc. as these are the pieces that are our history and deserve to be brought back to life and loved again and not in the landfill!

  In my journeys I find beautiful pieces of vintage furniture that need to be left alone or “as is.” They are aged to perfection and sometimes they just might need a little help showing off there true age and beauty! I love the look of the natural patina and aged discolorations. With this kind of piece, maybe just a bit of TLC of cleaning it up and using a finishing wax to bring it back to life might just be the ticket to making it funky again!

  There are pieces of vintage furniture that look best just left alone, although the pieces I give color to definitely needs to benefit from being junky and revived to funky! Each piece of furniture I do, I put my heart into it for others to enjoy as much as I enjoy doing it!

  I’m passionate about everything I do and each piece I bring back to life! When I am working on a vintage piece of furniture, I see that each piece has its own beauty and begs to be loved again! This is what gives me the satisfaction, knowing that I can refinish, restyle and revive vintage furniture! I love it when a revived piece of passion goes from…Junky to Funky to…Funkylicious!!!!

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  1. Hi Leah,
    love what you do. I have a question, I have a vintage 3 drawer dresser just like the blue and white one that you refinished. I wonder if you can give me information regarding who made it and its value. There is an old sticker on the back of it but the only thing I can make out is that the company was established in 1904 and that it was in North Carolina. Can you help me?

  2. Hi Carolyn,

    Thanks for the note! Well, it’s hard to say unless you try to do extensive research, although at least you have a date. As far as a value goes, it depends on what type of condition it is in, as mine was horrible, although I did the best I could! Do you know what type of wood it is? Does it still have the original hardware and paint by chance? If so, that brings up the value!

    What are your intentions with this fabulous piece? Was it given to you, did you buy it, find it, etc.? Are you planning on restoring it? Do you have pics of it by chance? Are you planning on keeping it or selling it?

    Due to the condition of the one my little gal was in, I sold her for $129.00. Although, by the time I was done fixing her up and restoring her, she came out so pretty that I kept admiring her until I took her down to the antique shop I sell out of! She was so shabby and chic and just simply adorable!

    It all depends on the many factors I brought up. If you are going to sell it, you have to also take in mind the area that you are selling in. If it’s a large city it can go for more and if you are in a small city like I am, well….

    Let me know what the verdict is on what I wrote!

    Thanks and I can’t wait to hear back!


  3. Leah thanks for your response. It was actually given to me. I love it so Im not planning to part with it. It is in excellent condition. Looks like it could be oak or pine. Unfortunately I don’t know woods very well. Im gonna try and send a photo to the email that you responded to.


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